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Sunnyside Outdoor Shower (SOS) is located in Queensbury, New York serving Upstate New York and the Adirondack region. We specialize in outdoor shower units that can be easily delivered and installed at your home or camp. The Sunnyside and Lake George units are semi customizable to accommodate your needs. But if you prefer a one of a kind unit, we also design and build luxurious custom showers.

Whether you’re looking to make your showering experience an oasis with nature, or to just accommodate your summer guest let SOS design, build, and install the perfect outdoor showering experience!

Our Showers

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Introducing our newest shower line the Silver Lake.

Silver Lake can be configured as a 4x4 or 4x6 shower.

Made of corrugated metal and cedar, black rain shower fixture with hand held to match our signature black hardwear, and a pressure treated deck.

Not only is this shower sleek it takes you back in time to your childhood a... read more

Tidbits of history "Lake George"

If you cant jump in the lake from one of its 170 islands this summer to cool down you could at least cool down by jumping into one of our showers.... read more

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