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Sunnyside Outdoor Shower (SOS) is located in Queensbury, New York serving Upstate New York and the Adirondack region. We specialize in outdoor shower units that can be easily delivered and installed at your home or camp. The Sunnyside and Lake George units are semi customizable to accommodate your needs. But if you prefer a one of a kind unit, we also design and build luxurious custom showers.

Whether you’re looking to make your showering experience an oasis with nature, or to just accommodate your summer guest let SOS design, build, and install the perfect outdoor showering experience!

Our Showers

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2021 has started off with our first install of the year and in January no less! This shower was designed and installed for a home on the waters of Lake Champlain south of Burlington Vermont. The shower was specifically designed to blend seamlessly with the newly renovated exterior of the home. We size matched the shower post to the timber brackets ... read more


When it gets to chilly to shower outside relax with a puzzle and one of our puzzle boards.

Our puzzle boards allow you the freedom to move from room to room or even outside on a nice day!

We will be premiering our puzzle boards all week. They make beautiful gifts just add a puzzle and you have hours of entertainment.

TODAY W... read more

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