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Custom Shower!


Custom Shower!

This is a recently built custom shower. 

This was a complex build as we had many obstacles to discuss, consider, and work around. The original shower was in a very tight spot, lacked full privacy from the living room window and deck seating area, and contained oil fill pipes within the shower foot print.
We were able to maximize the foot print by raising the shower to deck height, had oil fill extended to the end of the shower wall, and installed trex decking. The original siding was removed the walls were re sheeted, water proofed and cedar tongue and groove siding installed. Panels and doors were completed and installed.
The interior contains a full width bench, plumbing chase to hide water lines and shelf. Custom shutters will be made that can be closed for privacy when in the shower.

This truly was a fun project made even more special by a little girl who checked on our progress each day because she could not wait to use her new SUNNYSIDE SHOWER.

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